Hire of string instruments

Since the purchase of a string instrument can be connected with high costs, I'm happy to offer you instruments for rental. This is especially interesting for children, because there is a possibility that after initial euphoria the enthusiasm for playing will diminish a little or, on the contrary, children may require a larger instrument after a certain time. Thus the instrument grows with the young musicians and you can exchange it for a larger one at any time without any additional costs. Like all instruments, the rental instruments are also optimally adjusted by myself in terms of sound and playability.

The rental contract can be cancelled at any time at the end of the month - by returning the instrument. Should you finally wish to purchase the borrowed instrument, three net monthly rents will be credited to the purchase price. This means that you can rent the instrument at any time before buying it, without taking any financial risk.

Besides children's violins I also rent 4/4 violins, violas and 4/4 cellos, as well as the matching bow and case (or cover in the case of a cello). Rosin, shoulder rest or parquet protectors can be purchased separately in my studio.

Since the rental instruments are high quality string instruments, I would ask you to check with your household insurance as to whether any damage to the instrument is covered. If this is not included, experience shows that string instruments can be (co-)insured for about 30 to 50 Euro per year.

If you are interested or have any further questions, please call or write to me here, I will contact you immediately.