The construction of a Violin

The characteristics of the wood, the heart of the musician and the passion of the luthier flow into the soul of the instrument. A high-quality string instrument is lovingly crafted from a high-quality tonewood. Anna Wagner's instrument making is inspired by the great violin makers of the classical period. She also crafts her own designs in the studio. No pre-fabricated products are used, each component is handmade by the artist herself. High quality parts are purchased only for the setup of the instrument. Laquers and polishes are produced to her own recipe and positively support the sound of the instrument.

Only well seasoned spruce and maple from local forests are used for such a new instrument. Anna Wagner was also fortunate enough to have acquired 100-year-old wood stock from a Graz violin maker. Each newly created instrument is individual and handcrafted over several months, then optimized by a professional violinist in terms of sound and playability


The restoration of string instruments is a wonderful activity requiring plenty of experience and craftsmanship. It involves restoring an instrument to its original condition which has been lost over time. The knowledge of the different schools of instrument making is as important as the knowledge of the history of the string instrument. The restoration is performed with great care in order to optimize the sound and playability of the instrument. The instrument thus gives its owners great pleasure for many generations, because especially with a wooden instrument the following applies: The eye listens.


Sometimes a minor (or major) repair to a string instrument is necessary to restore its playability and value. All maintenance and repairs are carried out by master luthiers directly in the studio. The invisibility of the repair and the restoration of the original condition are of utmost importance, in order for the instrument to regain its original sonic characteristics.
Bring your string instrument to my studio and I will be happy to give you a free and non-binding estimate.

Bow service

Between the hand of the musician and the string instrument, the bow acts as a link, thus translating the string player's emotions into sonorous music.
The maintenance of the bow to maintain its functionality is an important part of a musician's life. Bow repairs are quickly carried out by myself, if it has to be done even faster, I offer replacement bows for the meantime.

The following services are offered in my studio:

  • Bow hairs of all bows with the best Mongolian, Siberian or Canadian horse hair, which are ordered exclusively in England.
  • Cleaning of the bow sticks of rosin.
  • Adjusting of new head plates.
  • Silver windings and thumb leather.
  • Replacing of nuts, bow screws and buttons.
  • Making of bow inlays and eyes.
  • Advice in choosing the right rosin.

Sonic refinement

Sonic refinement is of immense importance and contributes directly to a perfect playing and listening experience on a string instrument. The sound of the instrument is influenced by a wide range of parameters, this process begins with slight corrections, but can sometimes become more complex. A string instrument is exposed to natural external factors and can be optimized and perfected when the sound changes. Sonic refinements require a lot of experience and form a central part of my passion.