Here, the lovingly restored old and new self-crafted musical instruments resonate with the tools of the master. It's easy to get into a conversation with Anna Wagner. In this cozy workshop you feel one thing above all: passion.

Anna Wagner

stood in the workshop of a violin maker for the first time at the age of 14 and from that time on she knew that she too would eventually like to pursue this noble vocation. Coming from a musical family, Anna began her four-year training as a maker of wooden instruments at the technical college in Hallstatt. Afterwards the inquisitive craftswoman moved to Italy, where she attended the international violin making school in Cremona. Anna spent several post-apprenticeship years in Graz, and it was during these years that she was able to spend time in Paris, Nottingham and South America. The connection to Graz has always remained however, and so she passed her master's examination as a violin maker in Innsbruck and opened her own violin making studio in 2008.

Eva Ehrlich

grew up in an environment characterised by craftsmanship and has always been particularly fond of wood as a material. After studying pedagogy, she worked in the social sector for several years before she finally discovered the fascinating world of violin making.
Having completed her two year long apprenticeship with violin maker Anna Wagner in the summer of 2020, Eva joined Annachord as a journeywoman in October.